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About Prince

Justin “Prince” Hayward, Is a young adult advocate whose friends call him Prince. His positive and negative experiences in CPS and being homeless have made him into the man he is today. Currently, Mr. Hayward is an active leader in the Houston area and not only a member of two other formal young adult advocacy boards, including Travis County Child Welfare Re-Imagined Family Preservation Leadership Council (FPLC) and National Youth Forum on Homelessness, He is also an appointed member of DFPS Public Private Partnership Council (PPP). Prince has led a number of trainings such as preventing runways and has also been very effective at using his story to advocate for policy changes & budget increases at the state capitol. He has been blessed to overcome the statistics of being an African American male in and out of various systems as a youth and is a champion for change on all levels for the next generation. He now owns & runs a clothing brand line ( We Are One Clothing ) & non-profit organization ( We Are One Foundation ) that are both tailored to building bridges & creating positive opportunities for underprivileged youth & young adults.